We build practical tools to get the job done.

At Plain Sight Ventures, we identify overlooked problems and solve them with passion, clarity, and fun. Our goal is to create smarter software tools that improve the quality and experience of everyday work.


We look at problems with a surgeon’s eye. Our goal is to solve the acute issue while keeping the entire system in mind. Not every software needs to have extensive features to be valuable. A complex problem can be solved with a simple solution.

At PSV, we solve problems that get to the core of why people suffer at work, and we do it with practical solutions that make a difference. We may not change the world but we just might change your world.

True collaboration allows us to come up with the greatest ideas. We come to every PSV brainstorm with the passion of seeking clarity, not validation. This requires radical honesty, trust, and open mindedness and is reflected in our internal process as well as how we work with external partners.

If you have a pain point at work that could be solved with technology, we want to work with you to find the best solution.

Maintaining a mental flow at work encourages optimal performance. It also decreases stress and can make work more enjoyable. We believe in creating tools and a process that encourages flow. This shows up in our process, our remote working style, and in which problems we choose to solve and how we solve them. 

Many of today’s digital products have become so overrun with features, they prohibit flow. They create more chaos and more distractions. We want to build products that optimize your energy at work, allowing for better performance and decreased stress. We want to remove the clutter of your day and keep you in the flow.

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We're a nimble team passionate about building valuable products and having fun while doing it.


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