Our ethos

Plain Sight Ventures was founded on a set of core principles. To ensure our work aligns with these values, we follow an ethos, a creed, a rebel yell.
“Look for what you notice but no one else sees.”
- Rick Rubin, The Creative Act

At Plain Sight Ventures, we identify overlooked problems and solve them with passion, clarity, and fun. Our goal is to create smarter software tools that improve the quality and experience of everyday work. In our everyday work, we channel our core principles: Curiosity, Collaboration, and Innovation.
Staying true to these principles inspires us to come up with the greatest ideas. We come to every PSV brainstorm with the passion of seeking clarity, not validation. This requires radical honesty, trust, and open mindedness, and is reflected in our internal process as well as how we work with external partners.

Here's to building cool things.

- Plain Sight Ventures

Our process


We start with a problem and dig as deep as we can to validate it. This part of the process includes sourcing ideas, chatting with diverse groups of people, and analyzing whether to move forward or not with any given problem.


We don't build anything right away. We've learned that most problems or solutions can be validated and explored with prototyping, intentional conversations, and further market research.


Once we've established that a problem is in need of a solution and have validated it with prototyping and partners, we move forward to build an MVP and get the right users on board with testing.

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