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We identify overlooked problems and solve them with passion, clarity, and fun. Our goal is to create smarter software tools that improve the quality and experience of everyday work.
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Got a great idea but need help building it?

If you have a pain point at work or would like to collaborate, let’s chat about how we can find the best solution.

Got an idea?

We’re looking for people who have an idea of their own or are looking to help us launch great ideas. Whether you want to solve the problem yourself or are just looking for a new solution, we’d love for you to join us.

Thanks for sending us your idea! We'll be reaching out via email to discuss next steps and chat a bit more about your idea. And if we feel it's a good fit, we'll then team up to kickoff discovery. In the meantime, be sure to subscribe to The Notepad to see what we're working on.
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Have questions?

Nope. Entrepreneurs have the option to pitch their business ideas to us or join the development of new concepts as a design partner with our team.

Following a thorough review of your application by our team, we'll contact you if there's a strong match. Then, we'll extend an invitation to delve deeper into your business concept or collaborate on ongoing explorations. If we feel that your expertise or idea isn't a good fit for us at the moment, we'll connect to chat about other ideas or involvement.

If you're already part of a team, we encourage both individuals to apply. We'll take it from there and get in touch. But be sure to mention your other teammate in your application.

We understand that every venture is different. As a venture studio, we work with you to build an idea and develop a contract that feels right for all of us - whether it's equity or revenue share or a combination of the two, we want you to feel empowered and motivated.

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