Best JTBD breakdown I've seen

Big fans over here of Lenny's Podcast and this episode with Bob Moesta does not disappoint.
Jeremy Clarke
August 31, 2023

We talk a lot about JTBD and how best to approach product strategy here at PSV. And we’ve seen a ton of content on it all. This interview definitely clicked more for me than any other. Give it a listen and let me know what you think.

Here are some of the takeaways we’re talking about on our team…

  1. "You need to study the struggling moment and determine what NOT to build."  This reminded me of Breena's post last week about chasing rabbits. It's a tough challenge, but there's a difference between being reactive vs being strategic when it comes to customer feedback and building what they need (and what they say they need).
  2. More features often create more anxiety. People often wonder, “can it actually do all those things?” Don't just keep adding features, focus on delivering value.
  3. Stop trying to sell to people, and instead help them make progress, help them buy. Design the sales process on how people want to buy, which means going back to that context… where were they in that moment of struggling, rewind to get the full picture.
  4. "Bitchin' ain't switchin'"... this just made me laugh. A lot of customers will get upset that you aren't adding the features they want, but most of them won't leave because of it.

Thanks for reading!

Jeremy Clarke

Jeremy Clarke is CEO and Head of Product at Plain Sight Ventures. In his free time, you can find Jeremy behind the wheel of a race car on one of his favorite tracks around the world or pushing the limits in some other extreme sport.

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