Can Stop solve the overwhelming sales email problem?

Can Stop save email? Maybe not entirely, but it's a start.
Jason Walkow
March 7, 2024

Do you remember when email used to be a good thing? Something that you looked forward to checking in the morning, like you were the lead character in a late 90’s rom-com? Just like Meg and Tom, the PSV team used to get excited each and every time we heard “You’ve got mail.” But the joy has been gone for a while, and email soon became just another thing on our to-do list, cluttering up our lives.

We were tired of sorting through endless sales emails in our inbox day-in, day-out. Of course, we understood that businesses need to make money - and as anyone in the startup world knows, we’re part of the problem - but we also knew that the constant barrage of sales emails was overwhelming our team and that it was time for a change.

So we built Stop, a community-powered email blocker designed to stop bad sales emails. Our tool helps you filter out mass mailers, cold emailers, and other sales emails, so you can focus on the messages that matter. Stop works by identifying domains associated with unwanted sales emails and sending them straight to spam. Rest assured, Stop does not read or access the content of your emails - it only scans for senders.

And the best part? Stop is completely free. The PSV team built this tool to solve a problem in our own lives and want to share it with others who are facing the same frustration. Our goal is to create a community united against the onslaught of bad sales emails, not to build a customer base. Together, we can change email for the better and get our inboxes back.

So far we’ve stopped 100,000+ sales emails from hitting inboxes. Want to join us? Signing up for Stop is quick and easy. Simply authorize your email accounts, and you'll be on your way to a cleaner, more manageable inbox. Join us in the fight to stop bad sales emails by visiting Let’s save email by making communication meaningful and intentional again.

Thanks for reading!

Jason Walkow

Jason Walkow is Head of Design at Plain Sight Ventures. In his free time, Jason enjoys running, eating at the newest spots, and anything coffee-related.

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