Connecting doesn’t have to be awkward

Why does exchanging contact details always feel so robotic?
Jason Walkow
March 12, 2024

Our team was prepping for an industry festival a while back and a pain point revealed itself. How do you connect with people IRL without it being so awkward? Bumbling with your phones, asking for the letter-by-letter spelling of someone’s name, and trying to remember exactly who you connected with and why - all of this old-school nonsense is stopping a momentum-building conversation dead in its tracks and turning it into an information transaction. We felt a need to make things just a little easier.

After going back and forth in our longest Slack thread to date, we knew we were on to something. But we had some guardrails: it had to be easy and simple with a quick-start onboarding. While the rest of the team was jamming on what the experience would be of starting an account, spinning up a QR, and sending/receiving an intro email, Jeremy got to work and built a working proof of concept in just a few hours. Talk about teamwork making the dream work!

And so we launched Jive, a practical and stylish profile app designed to make connecting with people in real life not only easy but also memorable. While there are tools available for large corporations, trade shows, and branded events, Jive caters to those who want to make a unique and innovative first impression no matter the venue.

With Jive, you can say goodbye to the hassle of juggling business cards or losing track of new contacts. The app streamlines the process of exchanging information and organizing your connections. Here's how it works:

  1. Scan the QR code: When you're ready to swap contact details, have your new acquaintance scan your personalized QR code using their phone's camera.
  2. Send a message: Your QR code is linked to a custom message you've created. All they have to do is hit Send.
  3. Follow up from your inbox: After the event, simply browse your inbox and reply to everyone you met, ensuring no connection goes unnoticed.

But Jive doesn't stop there - it also lets you personalize your profile and greeting, allowing you to make a lasting impression from the very beginning. Choose from a fun range of backgrounds to make your Jive presence feel true to you. No more awkward exchanges - with Jive, you'll be networking with style.

If you have an upcoming event or just want to transform the way you connect with others, visit Jive and start creating memorable interactions that leave a lasting impression.

Thanks for reading!

Jason Walkow

Jason Walkow is Head of Design at Plain Sight Ventures. In his free time, Jason enjoys running, eating at the newest spots, and anything coffee-related.

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