How do you find the customers who need your attention?

Move from reacting to responding and create a lasting impression on your customers.
Jason Walkow
March 7, 2024

If you're a CEO, salesperson, or anyone who deals with customer data, you know how frustrating it can be to sift through multiple apps and platforms just to get a clear picture of your customers. At PSV, we had numerous conversations with folks who were overwhelmed with tech stacks full of siloed different tools that all had the same intention: Get to know your customer. We knew there had to be a better, more accessible way to see your customer’s info at-a-glance while keeping the rest of your team in the loop.

Enter Pano, the personalized solution that brings all your customer data together in one easy-to-use dashboard. Gone are the days of logging into multiple platforms and having countless tabs open. Pano integrates seamlessly with your existing tools like Salesforce, Stripe, Gmail, and Intercom to give you a centralized snapshot of your customers in seconds. Whether you need to see how much a customer is paying, why they're upset, or what interactions they've had with your team, Pano has you covered.

Or at least this was our thinking when we first launched Pano…

We were highly focused on the “customer snapshot” and while users found it easy-to-use and helpful when looking up a customer, the real pain point they needed solving was knowing when to focus on a customer and why.

So we released Pano 2.0. While we're still offering many of the same features users have come to rely on, we've made some updates to help teams be more proactive and focused. Our new custom proactive alerts, collaborative notes, usage data, and improved design will ensure users always know which customers to prioritize and when.

Proactive alerts

We're thrilled to introduce Pano Signals, our new proactive alert system. Signals allow users to customize alerts based on any customer action or event, so teams will always know which customers are at risk of churning and which are ready for expansion. From upcoming renewals to open support tickets to new license purchases, Pano Signals keep teams informed in real-time.

Improved design

At PSV, we believe in the power of great design. That's why we've revamped Pano’s interface to provide faster access to the data users need most. Now, users will see Signals and Segments front and center, and the customer snapshot highlights the most critical data points. You can even drag-and-drop the data to personalize your view. These small tweaks add up to big time savings throughout the week.

Customer usage data

Understanding customers' activity is crucial, but it's even more powerful when viewed in the context of your entire tech stack. Pano now provides a holistic view of customer usage data alongside key insights like revenue, support tickets, call recordings, and more. Users will have a complete picture of each customer's activity and the reasons behind it.

Centralized customer notes

Keeping track of notes across different platforms can be a headache. With Pano, users can now add custom notes directly in the platform, and even pull in notes from other systems. Any notes teams leave in your CRM will automatically sync to Pano, and vice versa. You can also create an executive summary in the customer snapshot, providing a quick overview of key customer objectives and other important information. Don’t worry, a better way of note-taking is finally here.

We're confident that these updates will make managing your customers easier than ever before. Don't waste any more time switching between apps and tabs. Try Pano today and revolutionize the way you view your customer data. Sign up now for free at and experience the power and efficiency of Pano for yourself.

Thanks for reading!

Jason Walkow

Jason Walkow is Head of Design at Plain Sight Ventures. In his free time, Jason enjoys running, eating at the newest spots, and anything coffee-related.

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